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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Masjid Dar Us Salaam - Special Ramadan Programs: Toronto

Masjid Daruss Salaam and Islamic Society of Toronto wish you all a Ramadan Mubarak, May Allah Bless us all, ameen.
Please take a note of Special Ramadan Programs at Masjid Daruss Salaam (IST):
  1. Iftar Arrangements
  2. Taraveeh Prayers by three young Canadian Huffaz whom Allah has blessed with good recitation and memory
  3. Daily Lecture after Asr and a Short lecture after Taraveeh by Young Visiting Professor of Hadiths who teaches "Bukhari" at Prominent Darul Uloom in India
  4. Special Lecture during Week end after Taraveeh by Same Visiting Sheikh.
  5. Special Youth Programs being organised, please check our web site at:
We encourage you all to attend all these programs.

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