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Monday, August 24, 2009

Muslim app - mobile phone apps - Nokia mobile phones

Islamic Suite

ASGATech Islamic suite helps Muslims worldwide to organize their appointments, daily notes, and holidays. It also alerts Muslims in prayers times, and helps in specifying Qibla direction. The Islamic suite guides Muslims in various worships like Hajj and Umrah and supplications.

Quran New! 19.9€

Read the full Holy Quran in Othmani font, search for words, bookmark any Ayah or Surah using a multi-lingual interfaces and listen to the Quran narrated by famous narrators and read the explanation "Tafseer" of Holy Quran.

The application content is approved by Al Azhar Al-Shareef.

Downloaded 18613 times

Islamic Organizer New! 9.9€

Islamic Organizer helps to manage Muslims practices in an interactive and advanced way, whatever cultural variations between Muslims across the world.

Downloaded 33783 times

Hajj and Umrah New! 4.9€

The application is a mobile guide for both Hajj and Umrah journeys, in addition to the most famous places that you can visit during Hajj and Umrah journeys.

The application content is approved by Al Azhar Al-Shareef.

Downloaded 1772 times

Mozzaker New! 4.9€

The application helps all Muslims read through a large collection of daily Azkar and selected supplications supported with narration and send the Azkar via SMS and MMS to friends and family.

The application content is approved by Al Azhar Al-Shareef.

Downloaded 1798 times

Azkar 4.9€

A valuable collection of Day and Night's supplications "Azkar", general and private invocations and supplications "Azkar". More functions have been added to enrich the application such as Morning Supplications alarm, Evening Supplications alarm and a manual counter to work as a bead "sebha".

Downloaded 6027 times

Hijri Calendar 4.9€

This program aims at following your appointments, daily notes, holidays and special occasions via the Hijri calendar and taking into consideration the Gregorian calendar.

Downloaded 3382 times

Qebla Direction 4.9€

New feature was added, get the Qebla with respect to the moon plus the sun and the north.

Downloaded 3414 times

Muahmmad Merits 4.9€

Muhammad Merits is a program aims at deepeniing the knowledge about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for all Muslims in order to turn this knowleedge into good behavior and valuable action reflects our glorious religion.

Downloaded 3590 times

Ramadaniat Coming Soon!

A perfect application explaining all sayings, prayers and duties in the holy Ramadan. You will need to know what should you do and what you shouldn’t do in the day of Ramadan.

How to Pray 4.9€

This application gives a full comprehensive descripttion for the right way to pray as it is known from the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Downloaded 1919 times

Attributes of ALLAH 4.9€

This application helps the user memorizing the 99 attributes of Allah. It also helps knowing the almighty of Allah.

Downloaded 1974 times

Zakah calculator 4.9€

All what you need to know in how to calculate your alms «Zakah» in a very smooth and easy way.

Downloaded 1884 times

Quranic prayers 4.9€

All prayers cited in Quran and the locations of these prayers collected in one application.

Downloaded 2484 times

Quran Words Meanings 4.9€

A powerful application that clarifies all ambiguous words of Quran including a search engine.

Downloaded 4300 times

Masjidy 4.9€

This application helps the Muslim to pray in calm and silence in the Masjid.

Downloaded 4398 times

Mesbaha 4.9€

This application will help you counting your praises after finishing prayers.

Downloaded 1891 times

Prayer Times 2 4.9€

This program aims at helping Muslims to know the Prayer times with the ability to add cities.

Downloaded 4419 times

Prayer Times 4.9€

This program aims at helping Muslims to know the Prayer times.

Downloaded 3468 times


  1. Can you pliz find out how to set this up on windows xp. and i am also connected to an office network thru ethernet, its my connection to the internet. it keeps on telling it change the ip address of my LAN but i dont want that.