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Sunday, November 7, 2010

#Eid-ul-Adha: Hilal Committee of #Toronto: #Eid ul Adha will be on Wednesday November 17th, 2010


Hilal Committee of Toronto: Dhul Hijjah 1431 / 2010 Moon Sighting Information

Dhul Hijjah starts Monday 8th of November 2010. EID AL ADHA is on Wednesday 17th November, 2010. Eid Mubaarak

There have been no reports of confirmed sightings of the new Hilal for Dhul Hijjah 1431 on the eve of Saturday the 29th Dhul Qa'adah 1431, from within the parameters of the Hilal Committee of Toronto. Therefore the Hilal Committee declares Monday 8th November the 1st of Dhul Hijjah. Accordingly;

 Eid Al Adha will be on Wednesday 17th November, 2010.

Eid Mubarak to one and all, including the over 90 member organizations with the Hilal Committee of GTA. 

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