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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

PURIFICATION OF THE HEART ILMINAR - Pickering Islamic Centre - Sat Feb 22 & Sun Feb 23

2 weeks left to join the Purification of the Heart Ilminar Feb 22-23 2014

Only a person with a sound heart will be granted entry into paradise and the only"Tranquility" which exists in this world lies in the cleansed heart.
(26:88 Quran, Saheeh Muslim)
No excuses, this is a great opportunity to work towards your Passport to Paradise and Passport to Peace!
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An Ilminar and text exploration of the signs, symptoms, and cures for
the diseases of the heart
2 half days
Perfect for your weekend schedule
Saturday February 22, 10:15am-6:00pm
Sunday February 23, 10:00-4:15pm

 6 instructors 
A variety of teaching methods and styles

Affys lunch
Both days

$55 before Feb 18 Registration includes:
 "Purification of the Heart" text
 "Prayers for Forgiveness" text
 Lunch from Affys Premium Grill each day
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Tried and tested, delivered in Calgary Nov 23 2013 by WII
- Ustadh Fayaz Tilly            
- Shaykh Hasan               
- Molana Shakir Pandor        
- Shaykh Abu Bakr Mulla     
- Shaykh Mufti Abdul Manan 
- Shaykh Waqas Khawja       

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Through the knowledge of the symptoms and  cures of these diseases, a person can work to rid himself of these diseases and work towards  achieving
"Closeness to The Creator".
This course is comprised of a selection from the knowledge and advice of our traditional scholars  put in a contemporary context. This course has been designed over a 2 half-day segments to fit into your weekend schedule.  Wedding or not you can attend!
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