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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Youth Tarbiyyah Conference: June 22-24 at the Islamic Foundation of #Toronto for #Muslim Youth

Youth Tarbiyyah Conference

Please mark your calendar for the Annual Youth Tarbiyyah Conference on June 22, 23 and 24, 2012. World renown scholars will be speaking. It is going to be the right opportunity to remind ourselves and refresh our spritual needs.

the 12th annual Youth Tarbiyah Conference – a free admissions event that strives to educate youth amidst the challenges we face in the 21st century, while encouraging them to be vibrant, productive North American citizens, and active, integral members of the mosque community who adopt leadership roles in mainstream society. Our goal is to provide our youth with the tools required to overcome the temptations of society, while remaining steadfast in faith and introducing positive change in the community.

Theme: Rising Above through Strength, Sacrifice and Submission.

This year’s Youth Tarbiyah Conference theme is Rising Above through Strength, Sacrifice and Submission. As Muslims, we often find ourselves engulfed in a series of challenges and conflicts. Yet, despite the setbacks, obstacles and hardships, we must manage to Rise Above by finding strength, by sacrificing, and ultimately by submitting. This year’s conference topics will focus on these three aspects of our lives. What does it take to develop the strength to rise above? How do we foster inner strength and maximize our iman? What sacrifices are we encouraged to make in this life? What are the benefits of these sacrifices? How does one truly submit? This year's conference aims to explore the depths of this theme and bring us to understanding true submission: “Of course, whosoever submits his face to Allah, and is good in deeds, will have his reward with his Lord, and there shall be no fear for such people, nor shall they grieve.”[2:112] 

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