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Monday, April 16, 2012

Markham Masjid - Women in Islam Seminar - Sat June 2 / Sun June 3, 2012 - Registration Open for Sisters and Brothers

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Women In Islam
For centuries women all over the world have been deprived of basic rights and freedoms. Here in North America, it was not until 1963 when pay equity between genders was recognized, a basic right that Islam acknowledged long before. Furthermore, women were under severe prohibitions with respect to pursuing education, owning property, conducting business, and inheriting money, until hundreds of years after Muslim women had established their own personal enterprises through the divine legislation of Islam.
For years here and abroad, often times mass media and the theology of various faiths and religions have perpetuated views towards the degradation of women. Even today in 2012, women from many walks of life continue to experience great challenges amidst man-made laws and ideals resulting in large numbers of women converting to Islam.
Women in Islam
By the mercy of Allah we are honored to present a two day Ilminar titled “Women in Islam”. This 2 day seminar will highlight the unprecedented rights and freedoms Islam gave women 1400 years ago.
The topics will be introduced and examined surrounding four core issues:
1. Instructors will provide clarity and answers to some of the greatest fallacies of our time:
  • Who has the right to give divorce and why?
  • Is a single woman’s witness not competent to a single male?
  • Genuine and authenticated explanation of the Quranic verse 34:4
  • Menstruation…A curse?
  • Fairness in the distribution of inheritance.
  • Hijab: A form of oppression or freedom?
  • Gender Equity! Does Equality mean Identicality?
  • And more…
2. Ethical and legal rights related to our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. Case studies will be examined in order to better understand practical solutions, for example:
  • Mahmoodah has reached the age of marriage.  She is also in the midst of wrapping up her studies.  She is under enormous pressure from her parents to get married.  She has not come across any suitable man of her liking.  She feels her parents do not really care who she gets married to as long as she just gets married.  Is it fair and allowed for her to be pressured in this manner?
  • Aliyah is a married working mother of three children.  After a long day of work she is expected to prepare dinner, do the dishes, clean up after the kids, put the kids to bed and make tea for her in-laws.  She is tired and exhausted.  What does Islam say about this?
  • Asfa is the sister of Ahmed.  Ahmed has learned that his sister is an abusive relationship where she is being treated with cruelty from the time she got married.  However Asfa continues to stop her brother from addressing the matter as she fears this will only make her marriage worse.  How should this situation be handled?
3. Sisters only workshops conducted by Qualified female instructor(s) .Topics include:
    • The lessons learnt from the 4 greatest Women
    • Tips on enhancing the mother-daughter relationship
    4. Finally we will briefly touch on the lives of some of Islam’s greatest scholars, who took revolutionary steps to create awareness towards human rights and the rights of women.
    A detailed description and schedule of all the sessions will be posted two weeks prior to the program Inshallah.
    Who Is this Program for?
    This Ilminar is open and will cater towards brothers and sisters of all walks of life. We are confident (with the help of Allah) that this will be amongst the most beneficial courses you have ever taken, empowering you to feel confident in your beliefs and eradicating any misconceptions you may have.
    The program will be held in a classroom setting for both brothers and sisters at Jame Masjid Markham located at 2900 Denison Street, Markham Ontario L3R 4J8. Seating is limited.
    Wedding or not, we have structured this program in a manner that will allow you to carry on with your regular weekend activities. The general timings for the program are as follows:
    Saturday June 2      10:00 am – 6:00 pm
    Sunday June 3        11:00 am – 5:00 pm
    A detailed schedule will be e-mailed after confirmed registration.
    Shaykh Ibrahim Madani                                         Shaykh Sufyan Chhapra
    Shaykh Fayaz Tilly                                                  Shaykh Imran Khan
    Shaykh  Omar Subedar                                         Shaykh AbuBakr Mulla
    Shaykh Hassen Ahmed                                         Ustaadah Umm Zainab (tentative)
    Only $15* includes:
    • Lunch both days
    • The priceless experience of seeking knowledge in the presence of learned scholars
    *$25 after May 27th 2012
    Additional material will be available for purchase.
    For any further assistance you may contact

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