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Friday, November 18, 2011

Sign the petition - Show your Support for the Mosque in Markham (Canada)

Show your support for the Mosque in Markham
Muslims in Markham, Ontario, Canada have acquired a  two acre lot of land to build a Mosque. The land was already zoned for a place of worship and recently the Mosque project received approval from the City of Markham towards the site plan - this is the first step towards starting construction of the Mosque. 

A group of residents from the adjoining neighborhood surrounding the Mosque have expressed discontent and near-hatred towards the idea of a Mosque being built and have started an organized campaign and a petition to reverse the decision of the City of Markham by citing that the Mosque is "against the cultural heritage" of the area, plus traffic and parking issues. This groups goal is to have the Mosque re-located or stopped all together!

This group have started a petition which they will present to the Mayor and the Councilors in an effort to reverse their decision on the Council's unanimous approval towards the site plan for the Mosque and there is a serious threat that they may be able to derail the project or delay it.

A counter-petition has been started to show OUR support as Muslims and Canadians who believe in tolerance and acceptance and believe in our fundamental right as protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms within the Constitution in our right to express our religion as Muslims.

Please sign the counter-petition and forward to all your friends and families, and also please post within any other social media websites that you can to spread the word that we as Canadian Muslims support the right of the community to build a MOSQUE.

The group opposing the Mosque project have started a petition and have already gotten over 3500 signatures and are presenting this to the City every week. They are spending their time, money and effort to oppose this project. 

Let us SHOW our support by signing the petition. If you are a MUSLIM - please support this MOSQUE, if you a non-Muslim, please support this MOSQUE to show your support in the ideals of ACCEPTANCE & TOLERANCE.

It is up to US to be counted among those that have done all that it takes to support this Mosque project during this critical time. Please sign and forward this to others.

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