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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Islamic Foundation of Toronto: presentation: The life of Jesus in the light of the Quran

The Life of Jesus (peace be upon him) in the Light of The Quran
His Life, His Virtues & Second Coming

The two largest religions in the world today are Islam & Christianity. Both religions began with charismatic leaders, it is not surprising that their relations would be equally charged with emotion, fervor, and sometimes conflict. Islam regards the founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ, as a true, genuine prophet sent by God. The Quran dedicates entire passages in expanding on the Christian religion and its founder. Come discover the life of Jesus and Mary (peace be upon them) through the lens of Islam. Gain insight into his life, his virtues and second coming. A seminar not to be missed.

Everyone is welcome. Muslims, Christians or others, believers or non believers.

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Was Salam - Jazakumulahu Khairan

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