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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"The Makkah Makeover" #Makkah #Mecca #Kabbah @ElantheMag

The Makkah Makeover
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The Holy City of Makkah is undergoing a makeover courtesy of more than 440 artists from all over the world. Muslim artists have been invited to submit their original works of art, with an Islamic theme of course, to be considered as one of the contenders in making Islam’s most revered city just a bit more beautiful and artistically sound.

According to the mayor of Makkah Dr. Osama Fadl Al Bar the competition, which is so rightly named “In Love of Makkah We Gather,” has artists from Algeria, Turkey, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Pakistan and America to name only a few participating nations. However, not every artist is considered to be the “cream of the crop” and worthy of their artwork gracing the streets of Makkah. Out of 306 submitted works of art, no less than 152 have been rejected for being substandard. Only the best for our Makkah!

As for the remaining works of art that are still in the running, artists will have to wait until September 27th to find out if their artwork is up to par. All of the winning artworks will be displayed at a special exhibition which will run for a lengthy two days. After that, Makkah officials will decide upon permanent installations for the pieces.

Source: Gulf News

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