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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Masjid ul Furqaan and Islamic Centre: Daffah Thobes / Aseel Thobes / Abayas

Great Gift Ideas (Daffah/Aseel/Abayas) Print E-mail

Just in Time for 'Eed
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  • Daffah XL Thobes (top-tier, cuff-less)
  • Aseel L Thobes (beige/grey)
  • Emeratee Customs (hand-stitched, wide-fit, various colours)
  • Head to Toe Abayas (large sizes)

Daffah Thobe Aseel Thobe Tailored Custom Emerati Thobe (XL Width) Head to Toe Abaya (Abaya Ras)

Masjidul-Furqaan & Islaamic Centre

874-A Weston Rd.
Toronto, ON. Canada
M6N 3R6
Phone: 416.243.5320
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