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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Islamic Lecture Series: Shaykh Syed Salman Al Hussaini Al Nadwi in Toronto

Shaykh Syed Salman Al Hussaini Al Nadwi in Toronto
Shaykhul Hind Mufakkir Islam Allama Syed Salman Al Husaini Al Nadwi is a world-renowned scholar and professor in the Islamic sciences. He is an author of numerous scholarly works in Arabic and Urdu. Shaykh Salman Al Nadwi is a graduate of Nadwatul Ulama, Lucknow and studied under the illustrious Shaykh Syed Abul Hasan Ali Al Nadwi (ra). He achieved his Masters degree from Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University, Saudi Arabia and wrote his thesis on Hadeeth under the tutelage of the great Hanafi scholar and Imam, Shaykhul Hadeeth Abu Fattah Abu Ghuddah (ra).
Shaykh Salman Al Nadwi currently is the rector of Jamia Syed Ahmad Shaheed, president of the Jamia-u-Shabab-il-Islam, dean and professor of the faculty of Shariah & Usuluddin at Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama, and chairman of the Dr. Abdul Ali Unani Medical College and Hospital. He is also a member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, member of the court of Aligarh Muslim University and a member of many other Islamic organizations. In addition, he is a founding member of numerous medical, IT and engineering colleges in India. Shaykh Salman is also the editor and co-editor of thirteen different periodicals in English, Urdu, Persian and Arabic languages published in India and abroad. He regularly attends international religious seminars and forums.
Shaykh Salman Al Nadwi is visiting the Toronto Muslim community and will be accompanied by Moulana Mohammad Essa Mansuri, Chairman of World Islamic Forum, UK, and Moulana Farooq Mulla, a well-known scholar from the UK.
Please benifit from the presence of the scholar by attending the program.
SCHEDULE: (Updates / Changes are pointed out in dark blue)

Fri Oct 23:
Friday Prayer, 1:30 pm, Masjid Darul Salam
After Esha, 8 pm, Masjid Darul Salam
Sat Oct 24:
12 - 2 pm, TARIC Islamic Centre
After Esha, 8:30 pm, Madina Masjid
Sun Oct 25:
Ulama Program, 12 - 1:15 pm , Masjid Huzaifah
After Dhuhr, 1:30 pm, Masjid Abu Bakr
After Maghrib, 6:45 pm, ICNA Al Falah, Oakville
Mon Oct 26:
After Dhuhr, 1:30 pm, Waterloo Masjid
After Maghrib, 6:45 pm, London, ON. Masjid
Tue Oct 27:
After Maghrib, 6:15 pm, Ottawa Main Mosque
Wed Oct 28:
After Esha, 8:30 pm, Islamic Foundation of Toronto
Thurs Oct 29:
9 am, Madrasatul Banaat, Rexdale
After Dhuhr, 1:30 pm, Jame Masjid Markham
Fri Oct 30:
Friday Prayers, 1:00 pm, Masjid Toronto
After Esha, 8:30 pm, Jame Masjid Coopers, Mississauga
Sat Oct 31:
After Dhuhr, 1:30 pm, Islamic Institute of Toronto IIT
After Maghrib, 6:45 pm, ISNA Centre, Mississauga
Sun Nov 1:
After Dhuhr, 1:30 pm, Masjid El Noor
Departure in evening
Sh. Saeed Faizi Alnadwi: 416 854-1358
Br. Abdulhuq Ingar: 416 230-5229
Sh. Mohd. Zahid Abu Ghudda: 905-277-0446
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