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Friday, October 2, 2009

Islamic Forum of Canada: Brampton - Hajj Package Trip 2009


  1. cowards make groups, got these grins and smirks biting their finger nails over us,

    Muslims in Canada are pacified, putting all their trust in local authorities, mp's, liberals,ndp etc, as if they give a dam, maybe these are Muslims lucky enough to have been admitted, enrolled into higher education while many of us including those born here are quickly denied entrance into many programs other then programs that train Muslims how to better serve this christian majority, look at these Muslims doctors have not seen a doctor many years cant get one and who you think they serve?

    Christianity and any other weak religion that clings onto it, we all know who Hitler was and we all know there is no such thing as Kosher pork but in Canada it may be different, the bottom line is this is not new, it was written many centuries and we got to see it first hand especially after 911, so instead of being doctors and lawyers maybe you need to force your way into the homeland security and work at borders.

  2. Muslims in America are not cowards i know i have witnessed thuged out Muslims who would even put a bullet in the head of a minister, a judge, a police officer, a military soldier and burn down a church if they feel violated.

    Muslims here are always apologetic, always associating the word terrorism with Islam, clarifying to these arrogant ones, know the truth, what was written, they will just be how they are described, lucky enough for us we get to see it, not in a Muslim majority in a Muslim country so i would not expect them to understand this but i do know why they are dictated and exploited by the christian media of Ontario, Canada.

    I also notice that these universities and colleges prefer Canadian whites christian then Canadian colored Christians then immigrants whom rate mostly Christian non-Muslims then enroll Muslim immigrants after that Muslim nationals, because they are cowards and they fear us.

  3. Their inferiority not superiority because they are scared clearly they fear those born amongst them whom are not them, there is nothing they can do about it, while we burn the Canadian flag in our backyards it is grim reminder to all these Kafirs that we do not need their approval, cannot be stripped of our birth right and what they do to us today will come to their children in the near future which includes education.

    I am amazed with all these so called educated Muslims in Canada, the high society, all these mosque built, you figure someone would have made a Muslim University in north America, go to Pakistan you will find Catholic secondary and post secondary institutions but how many Muslim secondary and post-secondary education do you find in Canada?

    how many christian illegals we run into here? has any muslim snitched on their place of residence? should we follow in their footsteps? just because Christianity and those that cling onto them do not wish to pray does not mean they should stop others as is they have lost to capitalism, and democracy.

    A good Christian offers his cheek and believes "thou shall not kill" an extremist, radical Christian is willing to die for a piece of region on earth, a flag, a government, a rule, a king, others, etc, just because they did not man up does not mean we should be like them.

  4. This is why less Muslim come out with degree in Media communication instead are mostly led to mechanical engineering, medical field, because they have to serve these Christians.

    I don't know maybe it's cause i grew up in the states that i am so empowered and vocal about how i feel, i tell these kafirs in their face with no fear, maybe Muslims grew up different in Canada and many parts of the states as well, they live cowardly, i am not inferior to any other human being, why is it back in their countries they will kill their own but here they fear?

    how many Muslims had bumper stickers that read do not support pork,. or troops, etc? where is the equal portion of our government? cruisers paid for suppose to be equal to all, but this government that promote military so obviously you are dumb Muslim if you call yourself a liberal, conservative, green part or ndp, you should vote void every time.

    Funniest thing was watching christian European immigrants raising the leaf on bridges in 2009, posing as if they were Canadians when they were actually foreigners from England and other surrounding countries even eastern European, Russia and Asia immigrants who act cocky and feel safe inside their Christian majority all until people like myself open our mouths and say yes we born here and those born amongst us will have to deal with us in the future, who are you? those just pretending to be Canadians are foreign immigrants, that our Government and immigration intentionally packs into this country especially Ontario, Canada.

    It is why you have so many Hispanics that with in ten years are now all over media programs in colleges and universities across Canada as well as christian Chinese they are they so called mafia here (don't ask why) their foot in the ministries and other government funded IT departments. It is a joke, so when i see new group of people making it and others been here for so long whom have not made it in those field, i begin to burn thy flag.

    people think Toronto is this and that, the truth is it is 60 % immigrant population, i as a Canadian cant even find a place to live or work or even get educated there and i was born there, i have to settle for these prejudice towns where it is easy to live, Toronto is full of it, so are the media that promote what Toronto is and pretends it has something to do with Canada.
    (Toronto sun really sucks (deleted channel)

    I feel you have more opportunity for education in America despite how much prick live in a prick state and are voicing their opinions against Islam,but in Canada you have no option, here they act possessive over knowledge, education that is at least five years behind America's cutting edge technology and applications, yet will only allow teach certain group of people, who gain access, get education etc, you better of paying more to learn in the states then sitting here trying to get admitted into their fluff education of Ontario, Canada.

  5. America is a protestant majority Canada is Catholic majority, nonetheless they are both Kafirs but you should read your history and know what your dealing with in your countries of your birth. It may be the origins of your personality and behaviors.

    The only difference in Canada it is like a slow death and in America it is fast death. Americans are more violent, aggressive but i consider that honesty, Canadian are more secretive, possessive, psychological, they will just isolate you until you hang yourself.

    Americans fought their own whites and Christians in order to have an America, being rebellious, turning the guns on their superiors, servitude with ambitions to take over while Canada like any other European country was pardoned by the queen, the people were loyalist to the British, so as far as north America is concerned, who cares about their heritage or history, what they expect from us (Muslims), how they wish we behave.

    Christianity has made it's way into Islamic teaching, the proof is Zeus or heZeus to the translation of the Qur'an when they had already tried back in the seventh century to add jesus to to the Islamic teaching and failed so why Pikthal and others translators, publishers, refuse to to say Isah (son of Marry) instead of Jesus? don't you think what was written should be respected and remain as it was written? despite the arrogance of Christianity?
    Jesus or Christ did exist in the the sixth century as a word, name, meaning but why was it not added into translations then? have you even looked at the definitions of Zeus? Christ? how ignorant can Muslims be? or are they scared? or was this the price Islam had to pay by letting this foreign name Jesus enter into the translations of the wholly Qur'an?

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