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Monday, June 15, 2009

Hajj - Step by Step Guide / How to Perfom Hajj - Video Series

Videos: A step by step "how to guide" for performing Hajj (source Khalid Mosque)

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02-The three types of Hajj
Description: Explanation of 3 methods of performing Hajj.

Description: Stating types of prescribed stations: Meeqaat

04-Garments of Ihram
Description: The state of Ihraam

05-Acts forbidden during Ihram
Description: Prohibition of Ihraam

06-Entering the Sacred Mosque
Description: Entering the Sacred Kabah

Description: How to Perform Tawaaf

08-Performing Sa'ee
Description: Performing Sa'ee between Safa and Marwa

09-Cutting/Shaving Hair
Description: Upon completion of Sa'ee, Shave/Shorten Hair

10-When Hajj Starts?
Description: .

Description: Standing in Arafah

12-The Night of Muzdalifah
Description: the Night of Muzdalifah

13-Heading to Mina


15-Tawaaf Al-Ifaadah

16-Spending the nights of 11, 12 of Dhulhijjah on Tashreeq

Description: Farwell Tawaaf

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