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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

iPhone App - Islamic App - Ela-Salaty

Ela-Salaty is considered to be the famous and popular prayer timings program in Windows. Now, there is a version from this program for the Apple iPhone. It is the best among other versions.

  1. The Skins of the application is changeable which give a great and beautiful look for the user.

  2. Multifarious Athans, and you can add more through the program.

  3. Different reminder ways about the prayer and you can add more.

  4. The application is not working all the time just only a small part will work and the Iphone will not be on all the time same as Ipray. The application will be on at the time of the prayer which will save the battery life.

  5. The application support all cities around the world since the application run Google Map to search for your city.

  6. The tools of the application are easier and flexible.

  7. The application appears the next time of the prayer in the icon so no need to open the application to find out about the time.

  8. In the application there is a function will let’s you know the Islamic calendar as well as other Islamic events.

  9. Ability to appear different calendars in the main windows with support to change the dates.

  10. The Sun position moving during the prayers and the actual moon will appear after Isha prayers.

  11. The application is supporting Arabic and English languages smoothly without any problems.

How to install the application:

1- Open the program Installer (Click here if you do not know)

2- Click on Sources icon in the bottom, and then click Edit and then Click Add

3- Add this website (, if you added it before no need to add it again.

4- Click on Install icon in the bottom.

5- Go to iphoneIslam, then Ela-Salaty

6- Click on Install in the right top.

7- Finally, close Installer and you will find Ela-Salaty Icon in the home icon of iphones.

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