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Friday, October 10, 2014

Islamic History Month activities at Islamic Institute of Toronto (IIT) throughout October 2014

Islamic Institute of Toronto

Islamic History Month

A special message from Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick:

October is Islamic History Month in Canada - a celebration of the rich history of a civilization that now accounts one fifth of the world's population. At the Islamic Institute of Toronto, we will be showcasing this history - through documentaries, exhibitions and lectures.

Islamic History Month Canada (IHMC) was launched on October 25, 2007, with a motion in Canada's Parliament by the Honourable Mauril Belanger. October was then proclaimed as "Islamic History Month in Canada". IHMC was initiated and sustained by the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) from 2007 to 2012 but since then has been adopted by Muslim communities throughout the country as an opportunity to share the rich heritage of the Muslim world, the contributions made by Muslim scholars and inventors and the valuable stories of Muslim people who now make up over 25% of the earth's population.

IHMC is a golden opportunity to open the doors of Islamic centers and Masjids throughout the country and reconnect with the general populace. It is also a chance for Muslim leaders and scholars to provide clear answers to the many questions that service providers, law enforcement and government officials have concerning the true meaning of Islam and the role that Muslims can play in society. We encourage all schools, religious institutions, and government agencies to take this opportunity to reach out to their Muslim neighbors and colleagues and help foster understanding and cooperation in our country.

I invite you to join me and our special guests, Dr. Kathy Bullock and Dr. Zijad Delic, as we provide you with a glimpse into the rich history and the contemporary reality of Islam in Canada, and the world.

Oct 17-19: Poster display (lobby and library/reading room upstairs): Discover Islam, 1001 Inventions, "My Mushaf" exhibition
Oct 17: Khutbah on Islamic history with Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick
Oct 17: Documentary & Discussion - Mosque One with Dr. Kathy Bullock at 6:30 p.m. 
Oct 18: Documentary & Discussion - Koran by Heart - with Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick after youth halaqa @ 7:00 p.m.
Oct 19: Documentary & Discussion - Enemy of the Reich: The Story of Noor Inayat Khan (Time TBD)
Oct 24: Documentary & Discussion - Prince Among Slaves with Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick - 7:30 P.m.
Oct 25: Sri Lankan community dinner for IHMC - Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick - external program
Oct 31: Khutbah by Dr. Zijad Delic; school program & evening lecture

Address 1630 Neilson Road Scarborough, ON M1X 1S3
From Hwy 401 East and West: Exit Neilson Rd. North. Proceed until past Finch. The IIT is on the left. From points North: Take any North South Rd. (e.g. Markham Rd.) to Finch Avenue East. Left on Finch Avenue, then left on Neilson Rd. Via Public Transit: Take the TTC to Kennedy Subway Station. Join the Scarborough Rapid Transit to Scarborough Town Centre. Take Neilson 133 for a direct ride to the IIT. Alternatively, take Nugget 131, then transfer to Neilson 133 at Neilson Rd. going North. Other buses that service the area: 39 Finch from the Finch subway station.

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