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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Umrah 1435 - March Break 2014 departing from Toronto with Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick

Umrah 1435 (March break 2014) - Islamic Institute of Toronto (IIT)

Program overview

  • COST: $2,395 (quad occupancy), $2,495 (triple occupancy), $2,595 (double occupancy)

  • AIRLINE: Egypt Air

  • DEPARTURE: Sat. March 8, 12:45 pm

  • RETURN: Mon. March 17, 6:15 am

  • Group accompanied by Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick

  • 3 nights in Madinah (March 9 - 12) (Movenpick, 5 stars)

  • 4 nights in Makkah (March 12 - 16) (Fairmont, 5 stars)

  • Round-trip airfare from Toronto to Jeddah and return

  • Breakfast in hotels – open buffet

  • Meet and assist at Madinah airport upon arrival, and at Jeddah airport upon departure

  • Transportation via luxury air-conditioned buses in Saudi Arabia

  • Sightseeing (mazaraat) in Madinah to Jannat Al-Baqi (cemetry in Madinah where the family of the prophet, May the Peace & Blessing of Allah be upon Him and hundred of his companions are buried- May Allah be pleased with them), Masjid Al Quba (the first Masjid in Islam), Masjid Al Qiblatain ( The Masjid where prayer was half facing both Qiblas at the same time), Sabaa Masaajid (where the Battle of Trench took place) and the mountain of Uhud (where the battle of Uhoud took place).

  • Sightseeing (mazaraat) in Makkah including Jabal Al Noor (where the cave of Hira is located), Mena Muzdalifah, Arafat including Jabal Al Rahmah (the mountain of Mercy in Arafat), Cave of Thaur (where the Prophet, May the Peace & Blessing of Allah be upon him hide from his enemies during migration to Madinah) and Jannat Al Mualla (cemetary in Makkah where Khadija, may Allah be Pleased with her) and many scolars are buried.

  • Gift of an ihraam for men and a prayer rug for women

  • Visa processing and courier fees included

  • 10 litres of zamzam per person to bring home

Registration form

registration form

To register, please submit :

1. A completed registration form
2. Cheque for the full amount, payable to "Dar El Salam Canada"
3. Photocopy of passport (just the ID pages)
4. Two passport pictures 


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