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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

UmmahTimes newspaper - for Toronto / GTA muslim readers

Bismillaahir-Rahmanir Raheem بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم, Pick up the new November issue of Ummahtimes at a local masjid or meatshop or you can view the pdf online by clicking on the link below

Please click on the link below to view the November Issue of UmmahTimes.

UmmahTimes is more than just the average newspaper/magazine. It’s a monthly newspaper/magazine committed to bringing beneficial knowledge packed with inspiring articles, geared towards elevating the Ummah to a higher level of spirituality, knowledge and success, Insha’Allah. Of course we wish to receive the full extent of the ‘mercy and blessings’ from our Lord, thus UmmahTimes has taken a firm stance in making sure all the material printed and published by our organization is strictly in accordance Quran and Sunnah. The idea behind UmmahTimes was originally conceived in respect to an evident fact, we as an Ummah, do not have a real sense of media or newspaper. Also worth noting, is that our blessed Ummah is literally spread with individuals young and old, who love to spread their knowledge, experiences, hikma and ideas for the sake of Allah. The staff at UmmahTimes with the permission of Allah wishes to give this opportunity to the Ummah, under one channel, spread across the entire GTA, whereby giving our beloved Ummah the ability to voice themselves through articulate Islamicaly permissible articles published through our community newspaper(UmmahTimes). This benefits the entire Ummah in three main areas, one, the spread of knowledge (ELM), two, a true sense of ownership and involvement from our vast and beautiful Ummah and three, being in the know on upcoming events, conferences and news. Of course we are an organization dedicated in giving back to our communities through sponsoring events, giving in charity, and spreading the truth. For the eager brothers and sisters who wish to be rewarded by their lord and are interested in writing fascinating articles for the sake of Allah, we have provided a brief overview of our sub headings.

A final note: All articles printed on the paper will also be posted on our site, and articles not printed on the paper, will also be posted on our site under the section Articles-Online.

- Sisters section- [Dedicated in covering the areas of voicing the opinions and concerns of our sisters, and our mothers]

-Question And Answer- [Dedicated for the ummah, in which problems of all sort can be clarified by people of knoweledge Insha'Allah]

- Articles from the Ummah in respect to ELM(knowledge) [osool al dean] [osool al fiqh], [Sharia], [Dawa],[Oneness of Allah] [revert stories], [whatever you may like to write about as long as it benefits and uses hikma]

- Rotating sections [Muslim entrepreneurs, business, Muslim news àworldwide or local, politics, controversies, etc]

- Local news [What’s happening with the Ummah in Canada or the GTA]

- Sports section [For those who are interested in sport activities]

- Poetry [Conveying your ideals and spilling your heart out through poems to our Ummah]

Once you have written an article, please forward the article to our respected email address at with the appropriate attachment and heading [according to which sub-heading you deem fit]. It can take 2 to 7 business days for our Editor in Chief to review your article and give you an appropriate response. We ask Allah Subhana Hu Att’Allah to reward all the individuals who read and write for UmmahTimes, Ameen.

So what are you waiting for get INVOLVED fisabililah (sake of Allah) and rack up on the hasana (rewards)…..!!!!!!

If you are looking to advertise with us, please click the following links [Advertise on the paper] and [Advertise-online].

If you have a general inquiry, please click the contact us link provided [Contact Us].

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