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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Android phone (smartphone) Islamic App


AlAhadith Version 1.0.2
Alahadith contains a number of ahadith related to different subjects. alahadith lets you follow the Prophet (peace be upon him) in your everyday li...

By Islamic App
Package name : com.islamicapp.alahadith

AlMuathen Version 1.1.11
Almuathen is a user-friendly application which lets muslims have prayer times. 5 calculation methods, juristic methods, daylight saving, more than ...

By Islamic App
Package name : com.islamicapp.almuathen

AlAthkar Version 1.0.3
Alathkar let you have all what muslims need to say for duaa and athkar everywhere and every when. all duaa are in arabic and five fonts are availab...

By Islamic App
Package name : com.islamicapp.alathkar

AlSalawat Version 1.0
Alsalawat helps every muslim to know more about each prayer (salat) such as alfajr, aljoumouaa... for each salat, you will find definition and rela...

By Islamic App
Package name : com.islamicapp.alsalawat

Submission Version 1.1
This digital quran contains the english suras and verses from in an effort to make it readily accessible to mobile users. v1.1 ...

By Eternal Life
Package name : me.eternallife.submission

Islamic Compass Version 1.2
Islamic compass is an application that facilitates all the basic needs you as a muslim will have. it has a real qibla compass and a prayertimes scr...

By Crunding Development
Package name :

AlSalah Version 2.4
'alsalah', pronounced as assalah, calculates the (5) salah timings (salat, namaz, prayer in islam). includes: hijri islamic date; qibla compass; a...

By Sileria
Package name : com.sileria.alsalah

Adhân Alarm Version 1.0.36
Alerts user to daily islamic prayer times with a compass for qibla direction. click "settings" and save your latitude, longitude, adhan alarm type...

Package name : islam.adhanalarm

AlKursi Version 1.0.7
Alkursi is a simple application which let you read and listen to different reciters of ayet alkursi. more applications can be found at: www.islamic...

By Islamic App
Package name : com.islamicapp.alkursi

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