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Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer Hifz Program - Fatiha Children's community center

2009 Summer Program
There are few exciting programs that will be offered at Fatiha Children's Community Center this summer. We are pleased to announce Summer Hifz Program as follows:

Boys Summer Hifz
The program will run for 6 weeks (July 7th to August 14th) in summer. It will be taught by young, qualified and experienced scholar. For registration and other details click here.

Girls Summer Hifz
Girls Summer Hifz will be taught by a qualified Alima and Hafiza in a small group setting of 7 girls per teacher. For registration and other details of this program click here.

Follow that light -- Summer Program
This summer Fatiha Children's Community Center has arranged for an exciting and enlightening program for our children. This 6 week program titled "Follow that light" is designed to introduce our children to the life of the Prophet (SAW). The program takes the children through the Seerah of the Prophet (SAW) with objective of creating love of the Prophet (SAW) and a desire to follow him in our children. In process, the children will learn Sunnah of performing actions, method of prayers and masnoon duas recommended by the Prophet (SAW). Please visit Follow that light -- Summer Program for registration and program details.

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